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Book your complimentary no-obligation consultation by completing the request below and learn how to lose 20-35 pounds in just 6 weeks! First-time patient consultations require 24 hours notice of cancellation. Please take a look at our cancellation policy below. If you're not local, you don't have to worry; just note that you're out of the area in the comments below.

What you'll experience and learn during your consultation: 

    • 1.  Learn what's included in our weight loss packages and their pricing.
    • 2.  Receive a comprehensive, segmented body composition analysis, and explanation of risks.
    • 3.  How much you need to lose to be considered healthy.
    • 4.  Learn how every obese patient has something working against them in their weight loss management efforts.
    • 5.  Learn how your current weight isn't just about your food choices.
    • 6.  Why do first-generation Americans always have digestive dysfunction?
    • 7.  And more...
First-time patients, please complete your new patient paperwork here:  CLICK HERE.

We look forward to seeing you a little lighter and healthier next time!

Cancellations: A deposit of $79 is required for new patient or promotional discount appointments, such as discounted Contour Light or Zerona promos/packages, and will be credited toward services rendered or products purchased or refunded at the time of your appointment if met. Deposits are not refunded for cancellations and reschedules within 24 hours of the appointment. You will be notified at the appointment confirmation if your appointment requires a deposit. Prepaid promotional packages don't require an additional deposit. However, $79 of the prepayment amount will be forfeited when 24 hours notice is not given for cancelations or reschedules of  your initial visit. This policy does not apply to program visit appointments.

Ballantyne Weight Loss Center is an affiliated business supervised by Dr. Richard Gallagher, DC, with Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness, managed by Tammy Gallagher, FNLP.


We look forward to servicing and working with you for improved health and wellness.


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