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Book your complimentary no obligation consultation today and learn how you can lose 20-35 pounds in just 6 weeks! First time patient consultations require 24 hours notice in most circumstances. In person appointments as well as remote appointments using ZOOM are available. All of our programs do not require in office visits, so you can lose weight in the comfort of your own home if you prefer. We do deliver!

During office visit consultations, you'll not only learn about the weight loss programs we offer, but you'll receive a complimentary body composition anaylsis with weight and body fat goals. You really have nothing to lose but weight! 

For those that have already chosen one of our healthy programs to lose weight fast, you can schedule your program appointments here as well. 

  • For more information about the successful we are having at Ballantyne Weight Loss, CLICK HERE.  
  • First time patients, please complete your new patient paperwork here:  CLICK HERE.

Ballantyne Weight Loss Center is an affiliated business supervised by Dr. Richard Gallagher DC, with Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness, managed by Tammy Gallagher, FNP.

We look forward to seeing you a little bit lighter and healthier next time!

Cancellations: A deposit of $49 or the cost of your visit, whichever is less, is required for new patients office appointments, and will be refunded at the time of your appointment if met. Deposits are not refunded and are retained for cancellations and reschedules that are made within 24 hours of the appointment. If your appointment requires a deposit, you will be notified at the time of appointment confirmation. Not applicable for program visit appointments.


We look forward to servicing and working with you for improved health and wellness.


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