How LLLT Therapy Works

In Technical Terms, This is How Light and Laser Works

Non thermal, polychromatic NIR light photons penetrate through the tissue, refracted many times and absorbed by the cell structure to produce the following effects in sequence:

Photobiomodulation at Gallagher Chiropractic in Charlotte

Dilation of partially obstructed blood flow vessels to transport higher volume of oxygen and nutrients for the initial therapy to begin.

Cytochrome-C oxidase (COX) is a large trans membrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Irradiation of COX increases the activity of the mitochondrial respiratory chain producing more adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It's believed that NIR irradiation may increase the amount of available COX over time.

Higher ATP amounts trigger proliferation of fibroblast cells for increased collagen fibers, elastin and fibrin.

Antibacterial effects by induction of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ROS are involved in cell signaling, enzyme activation, nucleic acid synthesis, protein synthesis, and the activation of transcription factor.

Anti-inflammatory effects of NIR therapy can be explained by inhibition of prostaglandin, interleukin, and cytokine in cell models.

Increased platelet activity occurs for faster wound closing.

Adhesive protein is delivered to the inflammation site.

Re-epithelization enhanced for covering the open wounds.

NIR released NO (nitric oxide), which induces endothelial cell migration by activating growth factors and improved perfusion.

Homeostasis occurs and followed by the new blood vessel development.

NIR light spectrum also increase the diameter and blood flow velocity of the peripheral arterioles and will enhance the microcirculation. 

Increases the speed of mitosis, facilitating cell multiplication to aid in the new vessel formation.

Improves viable proliferation of fibroblast cells. Stimulation of cell division and cell growth of fibroblasts plays an important role in wound healing.
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Wave Lengths and Their Benefits

Below are some of the magical wavelengths that stimulate healing and regeneration that are used in our Low Level Light and Laser Therapy devices:

633nm:  Targets cells to create healthy tissue that resist pathogens at shallow levels

660nm:  Excellent with pain reduction and skin tightening

712nm:  Deeper tissue fibroblast stimulation, ATP increases

812nm:  Targets the enzymes to accelerate the healing process

875nm:  Excellent with stimulating the lymphatic system

905nm:  Targets the hemoglobin to release more oxygen to the tissue and lymphoedema relief

980 nm: Stimulates deeper lymphatic drainage.

1128nm:  Increases blood flow, and reaches deep tissue delivering nutrients and eliminating waste

Is Low Level Light and Laser Therapy Safe? 

Yes, Low Level Light Therapy is completely safe, drug-free and non-invasive. All of our Cold Laser and LLLT devices have an FDA Clearance and CE certification, a mark of European safety and legal compliance. However, it is recommended that the devices not be used directly on any neoplastic tissue. Pregnant women should refrain from laser treatments applied directly to the abdomen. Also people with pacemakers should not use laser treatments near the heart. The only known side effects at this time is that some medications can cause photosensitivity that can lead to sunburn-like symptoms, a rash, or other unwanted side effects.

LLLT Cold Laser Tissue Penetration in Charlote

How Deep Into the Tissue Can the Light Penetrate?

MR Active at Gallagher Chiropractic in Charlotte The level of tissue penetration by the Cold Laser and our other LLLT devices depends on the beam’s optical characteristics, as well as on the concentration and depth of the chromophores, which are absorbed at different percentages according to the laser light’s wavelength. 

Several factors affecting the depth of penetration are the technical design of the device, the particular treatment technique used, the tissue type being penetrated, skin pigmentation and foreign substances on the skin surface such as creams or applied oils. Bone, muscles and other soft tissues are transparent to certain laser lights, which means that light can safely penetrate these tissues. The radiation in the visible spectrum, between 400 and 635 nanometers, is absorbed by the melanin. In the infrared, a narrow band, which extends approximately from 650 to 1,200 nanometers, is the so-called “therapeutic window”. That is the reason why our cold laser and LLLT devices have wavelengths within the 600-1,200 nanometer.

The lower the light wave the shallower the penetration. The higher the light wave within this therapeutic window, the deeper the penetration. Considering all of the factors above, our light and laser devices can reach as deep as  5 inches, which usually is sufficient to stimulate healing and pain relief for the conditions noted.

Learn about the most advanced laser made today, the MR4 at the MR4 patient website by clicking here.

The Low Level Light and Laser research continues to amaze us with its stimulatory effects, and has uses beyond those treated at Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Our Chiropractors and Low Level Light Therapist continue to study, and educate themselves on the best practices associated with treatment. The articles below will give you some insight as to the benefits that can be realized from Low Level Light Therapy.

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    2. Stimulation by Light
    3. Neck Pain
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    5. Knee Osteoarthritis
    6. Long Lasting Effects
    7. LLLT Affects on Stem Cells
    8. Improved Tendon Healing
    9. LLLT on Muscle Fatigue
    10. Osteoporosis
    11. Autoimmune Diseases

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