• "Complaint: Bells Palsy.

    This was my second time having Bells Palsy. The first was three years earlier and lasted NINE weeks. As with the first case, my doctor prescribed steroids for ten days. He informed me that there is no known cause and NO known cure for Bells Palsy. Due to the fact that the first case had lasted so long, I decided to contact Dr. GALLAGHER to see if any chiropractic treatment might help. (Searching the internet for answers, many sufferers mentioned chiropractic treatment in their recovery.) My first treatment was on a Thursday, a week and a half after the initial onset of Bells Palsy and one week to the day from the total collapse of the left side of my face. The evening after my initial treatment, I began to experience a "nervous twitch" in my left cheek. The next day, slight movement returned just below my eye. Dr. GALLAGHER made adjustments on Friday and again on Saturday. By Monday, I had 50% of the movement back in my face. By the following Sunday (three weeks to the day of onset), I had 95% movement back in my face. I continue to improve every day and expect a full recovery within another week.
    I truly believe that the chiropractic adjustments made by Dr. GALLAGHER have sped my recovery from Bells Palsy. "
    Scott B.
  • "Complaint: Shoulder pain (rotator cuff).

    I want to express my gratitude to Drs. Rich and Sharon GALLAGHER for the treatment I have received. I first visited Dr. GALLAGHER with a very sore left shoulder, the motion of my arm was greatly restricted and the pain of the joint was constant and at times severe.
    The shoulder had been evaluated by another chiropractor immediately after I experienced the injury, he informed me that I would require at least 6 weeks of daily treatment and then maybe 2 times a week until the condition cleared up. Being disappointed with that recommendation I asked my primary care physician to recommend somewhere I could go for "soft tissue massage" and was sent to a physical therapy center. After 4 weeks of no improvement and greatly increased pain level I abandoned that treatment.
    I remembered the chiropractor I had used years ago, with great success, was a graduate of Palmer and so I looked for another Palmer graduate in this area. The Drs. GALLAGHER are Palmer graduates, so I made an initial appointment. I was professionally evaluated and a course of treatment was started, from the first visit the pain level was reduced and each visit the pain level was lowered. About the third treatment I noted an increase of ability to move my shoulder and this increased motion continues to improve slightly with each treatment. This last weekend I had a problem with a bathroom sink stopper and was able to move sufficiently to fix the stopper problem without discomfort, sounds like a small thing, but it was a major step for me.
    I am well pleased about the treatment I have received and would like to note that as soon as Dr. GALLAGHER felt it was proper the frequency of treatment was reduced. This told me I was in the care of individuals that were concerned about my well being rather then how many appointments they could fill.
    I can honestly recommend GALLAGHER Chiropractic with complete confidence that you will be treated honestly and with great skill. Sincerely, "
    Ed P.
  • "Complaint: Low back pain / stiffness, Migraines.

    This is to inform you of the treatment received from GALLAGHER Chiropractic during the past year. I am pleased to report that the treatment received exceeded my high expectations. As a sufferer of lower back pain, spine stiffness and pain induced migraines I found my lifestyle being limited and my concentration degraded. My medical doctor's recommendation of anti-inflammatory medications led me to seek other options. Chiropractic treatment was new to me so you can understand my apprehensiveness in choosing it. The staff and Dr. GALLAGHER first gave me a thorough evaluation and then discussed a treatment plan with me. Dr. GALLAGHER's clear explanation of Chiropractic treatment and the benefits that I would receive from it provided me the comfort level I needed. As a result of this treatment I have been able to resume activities such as weight lifting and no longer suffer from headaches. The body and joint pains that were constant distracters in my life are essentially gone. "
    Bill S.

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