Acute/Maintenance Care

Your Chiropractor Provides Holistic Pain Management with Acute/Maintenance Care

For pain relief without relying on medications or surgery, your Charlotte Area chiropractor, Gallagher Chiropractic, offers the latest techniques in therapeutic massage, spinal adjustment and alignment, posture and exercise therapy, low level light therapy, and nutritional guidance. Acute care for musculoskeletal pain, stiffness, and inflammation refers to your chiropractor applying principles of chiropractic medicine to soft tissue and joint disorders requiring immediate attention. 

Maintenance care involves your chiropractor providing ongoing, regular treatment to manage chronic conditions without drugs or surgical intervention. For example, if you strain your back at work, you may need one or two spinal adjustments to restore back health and alleviate pain. Alternately, if you have been diagnosed with a bulging disc, we will recommend maintenance care (regularly schedules chiropractic care) to prevent worsening of a bulging disc.

Acute Injury Treatment at Gallagher Chiropractic in Charlotte

Spinal Adjustments

Adjustments to the spinal vertebrae are designed to treat subluxation, a disorder affecting your nervous system when vertebrae slip out of place and press against nerves extending throughout the spine. With extensive knowledge of the vertebral subluxation complex (bones, nerves, muscles, soft tissues and the chemicals contributing to its functioning), Gallagher Chiropractic manipulates the spine and its vertebrae to eliminate subluxation and remove pressure on nerves, which relieves back pain and neck pain. Treatment for nerve compression is considered acute care while maintenance care may be needed to reduce your risk of suffering additional subluxations in the future.


Photobiomodulation occurs when light photos are absorbed in cells, and results in improved performance which will help regenerate and heal tissue. Cold laser or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) creates photobiomodulation and is often used to assist in repairing disc degeneration, back pain and building muscles to support the spine.

Avoid Surgery for BULGING DISCS with Chiropractic Care from Our Chiropractor near Charlotte

When traditional treatment methods fail to resolve the chronic pain of bulging or herniated discs, chiropractors provide proven chiropractic techniques for rapid pain relief. Bulging discs cause pain when they become inflamed and shift away from their normal position. Responsible for cushioning spinal vertebrae and preventing vertebrae from scraping against each other, gelatinous intervertebral discs may protrude far enough to irritate nerve endings, causing radiating back pain.

Bulging disks tend to happen gradually instead of suddenly. We want you to know that neglecting to treat bulging discs with either acute care or maintenance care may result in a herniated (ruptured) disc.  Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans can help chiropractors evaluate bulging discs so that an appropriate treatment program can be developed and implemented by your chiropractor.

Spinal Decompression as Acute/Maintenance Care

Muscle spasms, slipped (bulging) discs and other painful back disorders respond well to decompression therapy, low level light therapy, and holistic chiropractic techniques that increase space between misaligned spinal vertebrae. Decompression therapy also improves mobility, increases blood flow to the spine and promotes waste removal to possibly help reduce your risk of suffering degenerative arthritis or formation of bone spurs. In addition, spinal decompression therapy relieves numerous disorders resulting from a misaligned spine and is an effective treatment for alleviating the tenderness and stiffness of muscle guarding. Muscle guarding is condition emerging when individuals suffering from back and spine disorders overcompensate by relying on muscles unrelated to the back.

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