Massage Therapy

We are temporarily not offering massages - hope to offer again soon

$49 IntroductorY massage offer*

Enjoy an introductory massage or gift a massage for a loved one.

What's Included?

~ 10 Minutes - Intersegmental Traction Table
~ 60 Minutes - Massage

Schedule your appointment or buy your massage NOW before it's too late!

*Offer is limited to one per customer, and can terminate without notice.


Simply the Best!

Are you looking for a great massage at an affordable price? Would you love to get a massage once a month? You definitely want a clean, safe environment, but you just don’t have time for all the bells and whistles of a luxury day spa, and to fit it in back to back with your Chiropractic Care would certainly be convenient, wouldn't it!

$49 Massage in Charlotte

We hear you! Because combining Massage Therapy added to Chiropractic Care expedites recovery of many issues, Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness Center is happy to offer Massage Therapy by Sofia Collins. A therapeutic massage that meets all your needs in a convenient, in-and-out location.

Make it a Routine.

Even if your life is one big time crunch, you need to take a moment and relax. Reduce stress, pain, and tension by making Massage Therapy at Gallagher Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Charlotte part of your monthly routine. We’ve created a membership program designed to save you money and allow you to enjoy a monthly massage (or two).

Menu of Service

Try us! ~ Our standard 70 minute massage includes 10 minutes on our Intersegmental Traction Table - Therapy for the spine.

70 Minute Massage$59.00$79.00
30 Minute Massage$39.00$59.00
Additional 30 Minutes$25.00$35.00
Add Essential Oils$10.00$15.00
Add Hot Stones$20.00$25.00

Benefits of Massage

Simply ask for one of the massage modalities below, or work with your therapist to combine modalities to create the most effective massage for you.

Prenatal Massage in Charlotte

~ Relieves Stress

~ Improves Circulation

~ Relaxes Muscles

~ Lowers Blood Pressure

~ Strengthens Immune System

~ Improves Posture

~ Improves Injury Rehabilitation

~Encourages Relaxation

~ Promotes Deeper and Easier Breathing

~ Relieves Headaches

Message Technique Types

    • Swedish Massage: Light to medium pressure helps relieve stress, reduce pain, boost mood and promote relaxation.
    • Deep Tissue Massage: Helps people with chronic pain to relieve tension by affecting the deeper muscles in the body.
    • Neuromuscular Therapy: A type of massage that incorporates very specific muscle work.
    • Sports Massage:  Focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.  
    • Myofascial Release: Gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.   
    • Post Rehab Therapy Post surgical/post rehabilitation massage addressing the muscles in trouble areas, promoting increased flexibility when the body is warm and more elastic.   
    • Prenatal: Beneficial to both mother and baby by reducing stress as the body changes throughout the pregnancy.
    • Exfoliating Foot / Hand Treatment: Helps sooth and refresh tried feet and hands with an exfoliating scrub and moisturizing lotions.   
    • Full Body Stretch: Assisted stretching massage designed to deliver more than you can achieve when stretching yourself.

Relief Begins Now

Come visit our center in Charlotte, NC. Current patients can CLICK HERE  to schedule your appointment online. New patients can schedule HERE, or give us a call at (704) 542-6500, for massage services. Gift Certificates are also available. We welcome and look forward to seeing you soon.

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