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Regain Function after Injury with Chiropractic Rehabilitation Services

After the basic damage from an injury is taken care of, there is often more to do before you can consider yourself truly healed. This is where rehabilitation comes in. The specifics depend on the injuries you're recovering from, but the goal is always to eliminate pain and restore functionality to the affected parts.

rehabilitation services from our chiropractor in charlotte, NC

Pain Relief

After a traumatic injury, such as the types that arise from car crashes, your bones will often be out of alignment. This is the cause of many of the mysterious pains that come on later. Misalignments, especially in the spine, impinge on the nerves and cause irritation. Therefore, rehabilitation provided by a chiropractor in Charlotte starts with a spinal examination. Chiropractic treatment is called for most of the time, and this lets the doctor know which parts of the spine need his focus.

Spinal manipulation is commonly used for this aspect of therapy, but treatments may also include the use of decompression tables and other adjuncts. These help with problems like ruptured discs and other related issues.

Restoration of Function

After the injury, the affected parts often become stiff, lose strength, and otherwise show signs of distress. Here, therapeutic massage, special exercises, and other types of physical therapy become important. Massage helps to release muscles that tighten up as part of a process called "guarding," and this release relieves the stiffness that can cause pain and limit mobility. Exercises also work to relieve stiffness. They can also help limbs to regain lost strength. Together, these therapies do much to get a damaged limb to actually work again.

Combining the Elements

In most cases, it will take a combination of therapies to bring optimal results. Residual damage, lingering pain, and other basic issues need to be addressed to eliminate the discomfort that severely degrades the quality of life. Then, the function must be restored to bring the patient back to his or her full capabilities. Therefore, it's rare that just one type of treatment will be prescribed.

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